A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Abskur is a creepy and atmospheric experience. The only sources of light are your enemies. Forced to stay in the dark, you have to rely mostly on your hearing in order to succeed.

The goal of the game is to find and collect three numbers hidden in the labyrinth. You can only know where they are if you pay close attention to where their sound is coming from.

While you search you must aviod the three enemies. If they see you, they will turn off their lights and try to hunt you down in the darkness. But if they lose your trail, they will turn back on their lights and continue searching.


Use the left analog stick of your controller to move.
Press "start" to pause the game.

If you don't have a Controller, use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Press "spacebar" to pause the game.

Abskur is played best with a Xbox 360 Controller, because the rumble provides additional feedback and adds to the experience.


Jonas Tyroller (Art, Coding, FX, Game Design, Sound Design)
Shahriar Shahrabi (Art, Coding, FX, Game Design, Sound Design)
Lenja Kaufmann (Art, Coding, FX, Game Design, Sound Design)

The game was created in the course of the second semester of the Game Design Bachelor program of the HTW-Berlin.

Special thanks to our professors and coaches:
Prof. Susanne Brandhorst
Prof. Thomas Bremer
Sven-Thomas Gorholt

Abskur has been awarded at the German Multimedia Prize in 2016!
("Deutscher Multimediapreis mb21")

For more Information, visit their website :


Abskur (English Version) 24 MB
Abskur (German Version) 24 MB
Abskur (English Version) 27 MB
Abskur (German Version) 26 MB


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Hello! I loved your game, it was so simple yet it was expertly executed and the style was awesome! I made a let's play of your game here~

Neat concept and art.

Awesome Game! Kinda Sad It Was Short, But Really Well Done!

Thank you for playing the game. We know the game is a little short. That's because it was a university project. We're happy you liked it anyway. :D


Honestly, this is one of the only games that I would legit rate 5 stars, 10/10, etc. Amazing.

Thank you so much. You are definitely way too good at this, though.

It isn't a long game. Plus the fear of those things and their noises probably kept me going. Looking forward to your next game, this one was amazing!

Awesomely creepy! You surprised me.

Thank you for playing. You surprised us as well because you beat it so quickly. :D

Oh, did I? lol, well I hope you got some valuable feedback.